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About the artist

Rasika Dasi
eMail Me rrgnm@hotmail.com

         I was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in many parts of the world.  Throughout my life I have visited many places and come to the     realization that India is my real home.  Holy places like Sri Navadwip Dham and Sri Vrindavan Dham are my inspiration. 

         Since I was very young I was introduced to the different traditional bhajans (songs) written by our great teachers, Vaisnava Acharyas. Being raised in Gaudiya Vaisnava traditions makes my faith the greatest influence on my music. These are not ordinary songs; they are the concentrated feelings of pure love, selfless surrender, and calling out in prayer of Godís devotees.  By singing these songs we can all pray to one day understand the great moods that have been saturated into these beautiful prayers to the Lord.

       Singing is my passion and it is the only way that I can render some small insignificant service to all the devotees of the world.  I hope that whoever hears these songs will feel in some way uplifted and that it will bring some joy into their lives.